About Britta

Life is a poem, live out the metaphors.” Britta

Brittanië Britta” Visser Stumpp is a mother, wife, dancer, yogi, graphic designer, teacher, and poet.

She recently published a book of poetry called “Kindred Matter” on Amazon.

Britta has an Associate in Arts in Graphic Design, and Bachelor’s degree from WSU in English – Creative Writing. She also studied with the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University with an emphasis on Yoga Philosophy.

As a child, Britta’s mother and grandmother put her in many dance classes, like ballet, jazz, and tap, but she suffered from chronic asthma which made it difficult to keep up. In junior high, she decided to seek the advice of natural healers and was finally able to manage her asthma in a satisfying way. She found the great healing art of Yoga in 1996 at The Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple and has integrated it into her life ever since.

She discovered the man she refers to as her “Yoda,” Joseph Campbell, in early college and has been an avid collector of folk stories, myths and allegories ever since. As a researcher, and ardent student of myth, Britta is what she calls a self-professed “Dreamkeeper.”

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are public myths.” ~Joseph Campbell

In college, she decided to take a few world dance classes. While studying Middle Eastern or “belly dance” in particular, Britta became obsessed with the sacred wisdom of ritual movement and the amazing healing it brings. Dance has become a huge part of Britta’s life.

Britta began writing poetry at young age to make sense of the world. She later pursued a Creative Writing – Poetry emphasis under the tutelage of Brad L. Roghaar, Dr. Victoria Ramirez and Ron Deeter at WSU.

She lives in Ogden, Utah with her son and her husband, Adrian Stumpp, who is also a writer.