Britta is indebted and in deep gratitude to all of her teachers and mentors (see Links for a list of her favorites), but most especially to Deja Mitchell:

DejaDéja Mitchell has a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Dance from Utah State University. She has studied African dance and drumming for 15 years with numerous renowned teachers and with the tribal keepers of the oral traditions, or “Griots,” in Mali. She makes annual trips to Bamako and villages in Mali to learn from the traditional elders the ways of the dance. She teaches African-based movement in an invigorating atmosphere with polyrhythms which are the basis of African dance. She helps her students explore the depth and cultural significance of the dances, while making the movement accessible to beginners. She also teaches traditional African drumming rhythms and Djembe techniques as well as other tribal styles in a facilitated drum circle environment. She teaches West African dance, Tribal Fusion belly dance, Modern dance and gentle movement for seniors in the greater Northern Utah area.

Lorin Hansen, the creator and artistic director of Samba Fogo in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Lorin HansenSamba Fogo is a cultural arts organization providing year-round programming locally and nationally. Through our various programs, Samba Fogo brings Afro-Brazilian dance and music to life on the stage and in the classroom. Our programs include the following:

Samba Fogo Music and Dance Company:

A professional company of 17 performers, presenting high-quality work in the proscenium setting. Drawing on rich Afro-Brazilian traditions and mythology, Samba Fogo Music and Dance Company fuses live Afro-Brazilian music and dance with contemporary dance, martial arts, and fire dance, creating an exciting and culturally rich choreographic style. Lorin is a long-time student of the amazing Brazilian dancer from Salvador, Bahia, Rosangela Silvestre.

Tamara Anderson

Tamara AndersonTamara Anderson is a Yoga, Nia, 5 Rhythms, and Qi Gong teacher and certified educator through the Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Institute and Sacred Sensual Splendor counselor. She is amazingly gifted at helping individuals tap into their creative power and is constantly involved in creative events and collaborations world-wide.She teaches empowerment courses and journey work through the Genivive School for embracing brilliance.

and Zuhra Zakiyah (Candace Baker)

 Candace BakerZuhra Zakiyah (Candace Baker) has been studying Middle Eastern dance, culture and music for 20+ years and has been teaching for almost as many. She is an authority on folkloric dances of the Middle East and North Africa and has studied in Egypt and Morocco. She was Britta’s very first teacher in this beautiful dance form.