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My Solo at the Gaia Rising Show. This is a re-imagining of what a Völva ritual “may have” looked like. A völva is a female shaman and seer in Norse religion and a recurring motif in Norse mythology. I borrowed movement heavily from the Afro-Brazilian dance for Xango, the Orixa of lightning, to Thor, the Norse God of lightning. Different cultures, same elements. And then a handful of movements that organically arose in the music. This is one of my favorite dances I have ever done and it was an added pleasure to have my husband read Seamus Heaney’s poem “North.” The seeds of this dance were planted while visiting Scandinavia on our honeymoon. Gotta say, I was also channeling my inner Red Sonja!

My Moon Sister Tribe and I performing a dance to honor the sacred feminine “no longer under disguise” and the sacredness of Nature for our GAIA RISING Earth Day Show. APRIL 22, 17. music is Iamundernodisguise by School of Seven Bells.

Britta was a member of the Samba Fogo family in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Performing West African dance with Deja Mitchell:

Haitian “Yanvalou” Adaption – dance for the Serpent God, Damballah:

Turkish Roman “Gypsy” Dance – 2016

Weber State University – Raqs Hazan 2011

An oldie, but goodie…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

…very first group dance ever with Britta’s belly sisters, Tiger Lily: