Prenatal Belly Dance

yoni mudra

Britta teaches a class in Dances for Birth (CEUs 1 and 2 training, 2012) in which traditional women’s movement and gentle dance are incorporated with prenatal stretches and joyful affirmations to prepare the body for birth. The movements are great conditioning for pregnancy and will help the baby move into the optimal fetal position during labor. The movements are also great for postpartum healing. Having fit abdominal muscles, flexible hips, strong glutes, a healthy pelvic floor, and fit, toned thighs will aid in pregnancy, labor and recovery. Warm-up and cool-down stretches are always part of the class as well. Women who have recently had their babies are welcome to wear their babies to class in a wrap/carrier and dance with us.

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Britta posted a blog about the benefits of Dances for Birth and reviewed Sacred Woman, Sacred Dancewhich is an excellent book about women’s rituals through movement. Other great resources are:


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