PANDOS ~ SLC Air Protectors

All images by Cat Palmer Photography & Chris Forbes

See the Full Album Here: PANDOS, SLC Air Protectors

#PANDOS peacefully advocates for basic human and environmental rights, primarily Native rights, and organizes support to encourage dialogue and the protection of our shared home.

P.A.N.D.O.S. = Peaceful Advocates for Native Dialogue & Organizing Support. We welcome people of every color, creed, and ethnicity to be one.

#SLCAirProtectors is an initiative ran by PANDOS & Carl Moore • art activism concept by PANDOS

Upcoming ways to get involved & educated in January 2017:
#Earth2Trump #SLCAirProtectors • January 8th • 630-930pm •

Clean Air Rally • State Capitol • January 21st • 1-2pm •

Clean Air Fair • Trolley Square • 11a-4pm •

On 12.23.16 Cat & Chris photographed PANDOS. 12.29.16 & 12.31.16 we opened this project up to the public to anyone who wanted to come support this initiative and wanted their voice heard about clean air in Utah.

From Carl Moore: Also, the images of us in our regalia was at our request. Please be aware that #PANDOS is leading an initiative (#SLCairProtectors) in a land (Utah) that historically and divinely belongs to the local #FirstNations. We are taking a stand against an environmental oppression that is the result of a #colonial/#imperial and #capitalist mindset. All of Utah’s citizens and elected officials have a moral obligation to listen to and follow the lead of the local Tribes. #Ute #Paiute #Shoshone #Goshute #Navajo

#SLCAirProtectors #SmogLakeCity #CleanAirNow #UtahMomsforCleanAir#CleanAirIsLife #PANDOS #UtahPhysiciansforaHealthyEnvironment #Ute #Navajo #Shoshone #Paiute #Goshute #TogetherWeAreStronger


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