This is Just the Beginning

I am incredibly passionate about this issue and all environment issues and I have been my whole life because it is SERIOUS. We may have won the battle at Standing Rock Indian Reservation, but the war for climate change and saving my son’s future is just getting started, especially with Captain Kill the Planet set to take over the country in a month and his band of Screw over the Earth cronies. They’re bad news for everyone: women, minorities, immigrants, poor people, the elderly, children, our education system, Natives, but they have declared FULL ON WAR with the environment in a time when climate scientists are SCREAMING AT US, that we DO. NOT. HAVE. TIME. to muck around anymore. For me, Standing Rock wasn’t just about Native Rights (although I still would have been equally passionate about it for that reason alone) but for ALL OF US.

Standing Rock is what FINALLY split me from people I have known my whole life, because they were not taking it seriously and siding with the Greed Disease and the oppressors, and not seeing this as about the planet, about my child’s future i.e. his ability to even survive! It couldn’t have been more personal if they had been holding a gun against his head! It’s not even a question of whether or not the world will be horrible for him, bot HOW horrible will it be? The time to have made serious change to keep our kids from facing famine and drought was in the 70s! Now, we just maybe have enough time to help them not have to suffer terribly. But if we do not ACT NOW, we risk full on annihilation!

Everyone’s entitled to believe what they want (at the risk of killing us all) but, I just do not have time to NOT take this issue seriously! As in the enemy is at my door, and they’re not knocking. It’s important. I think we can all agree that ALL of the above-mentioned issues of women’s rights, minorities, civil rights, immigrants, the poor, our children, education, etc. aren’t going to mean a thing when we are struggling to even breathe, when the planet is too hot to sustain human life, when there is no water and no food and we’ll all start killing one another over resources instead of political and/or religious issues.

This is the BIGGEST issue of our time! It’s the issue that in future generations (if there even are any) the children will look back on this moment of time and either say, “Thank you for saving us!” or “What the F*** were they thinking!?!?” I will never be on the wrong side of history, not for anything. I owe it to my son and his children and their children to fight the good fight right now. We can’t all be warriors, but we can all help even in very small ways to save those kids from a horrific future.

What’s Next?


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