emerging out of the darkness

“…emerging out of the darkness of our Shadows and our fears about death, we move into a more light-filled, optimistic energy. After any death-and-rebirth experience,we emerge with an expanded vision of the possibilities of life. The central truths of life and death are honored. “This is the time to emerge out of our self-centered vision of life into a much broader view of life that includes others as well as the Earth and all her children. We are seeing that as the patriarchy makes a last grab for power, the Divine Feminine is on the rise.”

It is the women of Standing Rock who are leading with prayer and vision. The men are there protecting them. That is the true balance between men and women which the patriarchy tried to overthrow.

Truthspeakers and Truthseekers are emerging now. Unconscious forces are at work with our collective psyches, helping us find new responses and solutions to what is happening in our world. We are finally waking up to a new sense of ourselves as empowered citizens. All this is going on within our individual psyches, so pay attention to your dreams for they’ll show you the way.

The people at Standing Rock are showing us the right way to do things. This time is asking us to really discern what is true from what is delusion, it can also awaken your imagination to help you discover your truth. Don’t look outside yourself for the answers, but go within and listen!

This is the moment to take justice and fairness into our own hands and not be afraid to stand up against tyranny and oppression. We see it happening in North Dakota, as the ‘security forces’ the oil company hired are seriously injuring the peaceful protesters. “Those ‘new elements’ gestating in our collective unconscious will help us stand up for truth. It’s time to stand up for our ideals and grapple with the forces of regression and domination.

When we are willing to be warriors for the Truth, we need to collaborate with like-minded individuals. We are pushed to shift our perspective about what is important to preserve in our society and what needs to be released. We do not need more oil pipelines (which keep bursting and polluting our water) when new sustainable energy technologies are becoming readily available. The pipelines only purpose is to feed corporate profit. “It’s time to take responsibility for the world we live in, for our own authority—for who else is the ‘author’ of your life?“Our choices and our actions speak to who we are. Are you happy with your choices? Did you make those choices in consideration of others’ needs? We have to start thinking about ‘us’ rather than only about ‘me’. We have to stop being selfish and entitled and grow up to our responsibilities.



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