Life Goals. 2.0

These are the Top 5 things, I’d like to achieve over the next 10 to 20 years.

#5. Have a Garden (I grew up with food gardens and I’ve always wanted one. Nom, fresh tomatoes!)

#4.  Enhance my Yoga Teacher Training with more in-depth study.

#3. Visit Brazil! 

#2. Have my own Home. (I love to travel, but I’m also a nesting/den-like creature. I like to know home is waiting for me after I am done having adventures. Nothing spectacular, just a modest space of my own)

#1. Teach in/or Open a Dance/Yoga Space (Perhaps in my home)…and volunteer time to my community.

And I’d like to continue dancing, dancing, dancing = my Bliss ❤

Beyond outward displays of achievement, my #1 Goal is to continue to develop and evolve into a spiritually conscious being, aware of my connection to all life, creation, and time and to embody compassion in my daily life….

What are yours?


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