Belly Dance Travel Steps with Layers, Accents & Step Combinations by Autumn Ward

originally published June 9, 2013 in fuse: a tribal and tribal fusion belly dance magazine

Belly Dance Travel Steps with Layers, Accents & Step Combinations by Autumn Ward

Review by Britta Visser StumppAutumnWard

So, you’ve mastered some of the basics of belly dance; the shimmy, figure eights, snake arms, pelvic circles, etc. What next?

Autumn Ward’s latest instructional DVD by World Dance New York, Belly Dance Travel Steps with Layers, Accents & Step Combinations will take you to the next level. With great authority and verve, Autumn Ward takes the viewer through a series of wonderful traveling steps to layer your dance and make it move! Isolations are beautiful, but even the most amazing isolations can become rather boring when they are too stationary.  Some of the traveling steps and styles Autumn reviews are Ball Change, Step-Ball-Change, Arabesque, Modern Egyptian, Egyptian folkloric, Saidi, American Cabaret, Veil, Contemporary lyrical, and Contemporary fusion.  Autumn is a pioneer of her own signature style and though her approach to some of these steps is unique, I find her openness about creating your own unique flavor a refreshing change.

Autumn also includes a Traveling Steps Guideline PDF on her website as a companion booklet to the DVD.

This DVD is definitely for intermediate students because although Autumn Ward breaks the traveling steps down, she does so briefly and the rest is mostly demonstration. For beginners, I’d recommend attending more physical classes before attempting this DVD at home, but for those who feel they have graduated to the intermediate level this is a great addition to add to your choreography tool box for ideas of how to get around during your dance solos.

The total running time is 65 minutes.

View a preview of the DVD on YouTube:

For More Information about Autumn Ward, visit her website at:


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