What “Prayer” means to me.

Prayer – an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with divinity.


I have a very active life of prayer without affiliation to any denomination or faith, although I have visited and studied many of them. I have also explored the world of science and the numerous explanations for the great conundrum of life on this planet. For me, prayer is about expressing gratitude and developing a relationship with the Universe and all of its truly rapturous mysteries. Prayer is not something one only does in a Church or to ask favors of whatever your notion of “God” is. Prayer is living your life in a conscious, grateful manner with compassion and love for all beings and thankfulness for this beautiful place we call home; Earth. And for being witness to the heaven and the hell right in front of us in our daily lives, and responding accordingly. Prayer is what you “do.” Your spirituality is who you “are.” Whether you believe in the transcendental or the amazing enigmas revealed to us through science, or both, I think when people do pray (express wonder and gratitude for life and the Universe) we are able to live in a more conscious manner. I know I do anyway. It’s a means of adding more awareness and richness to our existence in THIS moment in time and space and remembering that all things are infinite. All things connected. Infinitely changing, infinitely the same.


One Reply to “What “Prayer” means to me.”

  1. beautiful thoughts…
    i often just feel my prayers/rapport with Oneness throughout the day. it’s not about asking for something. mostly it’s just “i love you” or “thank you”. when i feel oneness, that’s about all there is to say 🙂

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