Well, since most of my attempts at pursuing more academic training has met with resistance in our new abode, I’ve decided to bring my focus back into dance. I’m going to start taking some classes from the multi-talented Amirah aka Dr. Wampler.


Amirah began her dance journey at the age of 3, and has passionately explored the art form ever since.  As a competitive gymnast for 10 years, she extensively studied ballet, modern dance, and hip hop.  She continued modern dance while at college, studying under Hilary McDaniels-Douglass.  It was at this community center she heard the jingling of hipscarves for the first time.  In 2002, Amirah began studying belly dance under Shuvani of Oasis Belly Dancers.  From there, she and fellow students went on to co-found Mirage Bellydancers, a Purdue University Official Student Organization, in 2004.  Amirah has served as secretary and president, and is currently the head instructor.

While she mostly performs tribal fusion styles, Amirah enjoys studying and performing all styles of belly dance.  Her personal style is a fusion of modern dance, hip hop, and pop and locking, with tribal and cabaret stylizations.  As an instructor, Amirah focuses on technique and muscle control as a foundation to all forms of the dance.   She concentrates on teaching her students concepts which they can apply many different ways to help inspire them to hone in on their own style. Amirah is also quite passionate about playing music, and has been a member of Indy’s 16th century rock band, Il Troubadore since 2007, with whom she dances and plays Middle Eastern clarinet, dumbek, and riq.

I’m very excited to be a student again and to have the opportunity to learn from someone who has such an extensive dance background. Adding more layers to my passion for dance 🙂


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