On “Soul Courting”

I’ve been engaging in the process of courting my soul, a term that just popped into my head randomly yesterday when I was asked “How was your day?” I said, “Fantastic! I’ve been Courting my Soul today.” And that’s what it feels like, Courting. I’m inviting the True Self to come participate with me again.

Some great thoughts and quotes I’ve come across lately in my own Soul Courting process:

Soul Courting

How do you Manifest what you want out of life? Just Know the outcome. KNOW IT.
Know you’re going to experience your desire. Know what you want to experience next.

Don’t worry about the how. Your part is the what. Not the How. The Universe will work out the How for you. You just have to know What you want. Tell the Universe, “Surprise me. I trust you.”

Silly Song for Manifestation:
You put the thought in your head,
Then you close your eyes,
you take a deep breath and you visualize,
you put it in the belly but your heart is the best,
that’s how you manifest.

~ Sonia Choquette

Earth is school, and this is my classroom. Though the class was challenging, what did I learn from it?

Be Spirited as opposed to Spiritual. Spiritual is something outside yourself, but the Self is Spirit, so let it be Spirited! Be your joyful, moody, unpredictable, creative, dynamic SELF. That is your Spirited Spirituality.

The Way you ARE is pure Spirit. How do you recall Spirit?

Remember what you love! I love a good cup of Chai, I love long, hot baths, I love Nature, I love to dance like an idiot, I love silly Romance movies and Adventure stories like Indiana Jones and Star Wars and goofy Magical movies like the Lord of the Rings and The Dark Crystal.  I love belting out songs at the top of my lungs in my car.

What do you love? This is how you bring your Spirit home. Be able to laugh at the absurdity of life. Bringing your Spirit home is remembering what you loved as a Child. When you were a Child you and your Spirit were one. Bring it home again.

When you can laugh until you are crying, you get your Power back. When you revel in the Fine Art of Doing Nothing, you can hear what’s real and not your mind’s ridiculous chatter.

Intellect is very ego driven and takes itself WAY too seriously. Laugh. Life is absurd so laugh about it. Watch a kid’s movie you love. Enjoy it. Don’t criticize yourself for enjoying something simple. Life IS simple. Learn to have fun again. Life is Fun, even in our struggles.

It’s just a ride. Throw your hands up in the air on that roller coaster, experiencing the ups and downs every moment of your life. Your Soul is here to Enjoy itself. Don’t chase it away by being too serious about this “movie,” or worrying if other people are going to approve or like it. If you like it, that’s all that matters.