A Lesson in “Be”ing


I am always a little leery of those who call themselves “masters.” The most, artful, knowledgeable, present, and compassionate beings I have ever had the great privilege to know, are humble and always say they too are but a student in the great experience. And yet from them, I have learned far more about what it means to “Be” than from any other. And from none so much as my Beloved Teacher.

“There are relationships and relationships, but none is comparable to the relationship that exists between the master and the disciple. All other relationships are conditional, even the best. The master does not give you knowledge, she shares her being. And the disciple is not in search of knowledge, she is in search of being. She is, but she does not know who she is. She wants to be revealed to herself, she wants to stand naked before herself. The master can only do a simple thing, and that is to create trust. Everything else happens. The moment the master is capable of creating trust, the disciple drops her defenses, drops her clothes, drops her knowledge. She becomes just a child again — innocent, alert, alive — a new beginning.

The master moves towards the disciple. The disciple moves towards the master. Sooner or later they are going to meet.The meeting is not of the body, the meeting is not of the mind. The meeting is of the very soul — as if suddenly you bring two lamps close to each other; the lamps remain separate but their flames become One. Between two bodies when the soul is One, it is very difficult to say that it is a relationship. It is not, but there is no other word; language is really poor. It is At-Oneness.

“Osho Upanishad” — with Deja Mitchell.


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