“Dance the Divine.”

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

dance goddessSince the beginning of time people have danced.  Every culture on the planet has embraced dance as part of their ritual traditions, in celebration, as a form of worship, or for the sheer pleasure of surrendering the body.  The ancients danced to embody spirit, to know oneness and unity with Source, to lose themselves in the powerful rhythmic beats that could induce ecstatic states of trance. They would combine dance with breath to reach altered states of consciousness, shifting focus from the mundane world into worship of the Divine.

The ancient temples of the goddess celebrated the sacred feminine and would utilise the power of dance as a form of worship and often this dance was sensual, sexual, as is the nature of women.  We have all heard of the dance of “the dance of the seven veils” which is believed to be the dance that Salome performed for her…

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