For Leah

It is the inevitable end, the great ebb and flow of  life,
birth, growth, renewal, decay, death.
None of us are immune, this is the story of all.
The body breaks and our hearts break with them,
our Earthly vessel cracked open to expose the Spirit inside,
a new journey, a homecoming.
They are on a new path, one we cannot follow, yet.
It is for those left behind that sing the song of sorrows,
that I ask,
how to make sense of a life lived?
How to say goodbye?
Words like “Sorry, Condolences, Sympathy,”
There are no words for grief.
There are no words for grief.
There is only the shared experience of breaking,
gathering up, mending, our hearts.
Words are wind, actions are shelters.
Let me be your shelter.
If I could, I would put my arms around you
and hold you tight, knowing this act means more
than any word ever invented.

But though there is distance between us,
as there is distance between those come and gone on the great journey,
I know I will touch you again and we will speak with our bodies
all that cannot be said in words.

It is a poor substitute, but what I can say,
what I can write,
is this

I am with you in the darkness.
I am with you in the light.
I am with you.
I am with you.

~ for Leah ~


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