Wisdom from the Red Tent

While much emphasis has been put on equalizing everything for men and women, much has been lost in honoring the unique aspects of both sexes. Women teaching women and men teaching men is very powerful when it is allowed to be fluid i.e. not polarized roles in which the other is never allowed to move beyond certain stratospheres based on sex alone. I believe it is correct and right to allow women and men to have an equal shot at equal pay and say in this world, but I also believe there is much to be learned from the company of our own sex.

Sacred Spaces for Unique Issues

With its ability to address social problems, reflect values, knowledge, and the basic feelings of women, the Red Tent fulfills a constellation of gender specific societal needs: To create a place that honors and celebrates women and their unique experiences lived through the body; enable open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues or with the opposite gender; promote positive ideals for womanhood; educate women about their bodies; educate women about natural menstrual remedies; create an open dialogue about sex; share birthing information; discuss issues of body image and self-acceptance; provide a place where women’s voices can be heard; to provide a spiritual place for women where they can laugh, cry, sing, dance, give each other back or foot rubs, play with face and body painting, give or receive massage and other types of body work, tell stories, eat soup, drink tea, sleep, meditate, journal, share poetry, create artwork, knit … just to name a few!

Filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD has created a documentary called Things We Don’t Talk About: Women’s Voices from the Red Tent.  It talks about reclaiming some of the things we have lost due to either patriarchal influences or discarded in women’s attempts to be treated with respect and as human beings.

Looks like a fascinating film. I’d love to see it.


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