Life in Oregon

Well, after eleven weeks from the time we left Utah, we’ve finally settled into a place we can call home. This has been quite the odyssey, I must say. We have moved four times over the span of two months. Let me repeat that again, we have moved FOUR times over the span of two months. Thank God for the good graces of friends, new and old.

Yes, it’s been trying and there was a good deal of crying, depression, and fighting involved, but there has also been tremendous growth and sharing on our parts.

The update: As mentioned before, Corvallis has an incredible lack of housing availability. I say this is incredible, because they have a huge student population here with few places to put any of them. Seems like quite the conundrum that must be at some point solved. We were unable to find housing in Corvallis, because there either was none or the prices were ridiculously high. What we could afford was set up in “group” environments, think fancy dorm rooms with shared kitchens. Yeah, no. We’ve been a married couple for 6 years. That was not really the most savory option. Thus, we opted for Philomath.

Welcome to Philomath


Philomath is the closest town to Corvallis, and though it’s a bit of a drive, it’s much closer to OSU than Albany which is about 35 mins away or Lebanon which is 40 mins away.

Population 4610


To say that Philomath is small is putting it lightly and the old me, the one who was around 2 months ago, would have been appalled to be living in such a small town. The new me however, is adjusting nicely. The place has a strange kind of charm which is hard to put your finger on. I know it’s going to sound corny, but it feels a bit magical.

We moved into a town house, which is quite nice. We live in the La Geraldea Manor.

Our New Home


It’s pretty barren inside right now because we only brought what we could fit in our cars with us, but it’s spacious and homey, and quite frankly one of the nicest places I’ve ever lived as an adult outside of my parents’ mansion.


The bedrooms are a mess right now, so I will show them to you all later. This is the main street below…

Main Street


Yep, that’s it. You can walk up and down the whole length of the town in about 30 minutes.

Everyone needs a Meet ‘n Place Tavern!
Town Hall


Portland is QUITE the drive from here and given that I had a scary brush with a semi-driver a few nights ago in the dark, rainy, foggy, very little light, night, I think my trips up there will be more sparse than I’d like. In the meantime, we’ll explore Corvallis and Philomath.


Room with a View

In the Woods


Well, that about sums it up for now. Adrian is teaching and taking classes and I will start my new job, which I am very excited about, Nov. 1st. I will try to post regularly and put up pretty pictures as they arise. Love and miss you all back home but adjusting to Oregon and enjoying the scenery, at last!

Many Blessings,



4 Replies to “Life in Oregon”

    1. Yes and no. It’s peaceful, but the dancer in me is extremely limited here in a lot of ways. It’s definitely making me appreciate the teachers I had back home more and it’s forcing me to get more creative about how to keep up my practice. I’ve pretty much had to turn my living room into a miniature dance studio.

  1. Welcome to Oregon! I just moved to PDX a few months ago and I’m slowly finding my way around the dance scene up here and in the valley. There are so many good teachers and so many styles to choose from. I hope you enjoy exploring it all.

    1. Thanks Karyn. PDX is about 2 hours away from here. When I get the chance to make it up, I hope to take from some of the teachers there.

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