New Class in April

In April, I’m going to start teaching a new class which I’m calling Latin Fusions as I’m combining some of the dances I learned in my Zumba Training with some other dances I know and enjoy. I’m going to take the focus off of the high impact cardio emphasis back to the dances themselves, which is not to say there won’t be cardio, but I want people to experience the movement more instead of rushing through them so quickly. I’m also going to use some very basic belly dance warm up techniques and drills to help with fluidity.
This will be taught at The Eccles Art Center @
2580 Jefferson Avenue,
Ogden, UT 84401

Session 1 will start April 7th, thru May 12th. Session 2
will start June 2nd thru July 7th.
Six Week Class.
Tuition: $35 members, $40 nonmembers. Drop -In: $8

Call Debbie to register @ 801.392.6935
or email her:

Pic is a Cumbia Dancer from Barranquilla Carnaval, Colombia.


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