Samba Fogo

Last night I drove to SLC to dance with Samba Fogo in their new location at the Arts Hub. Finding the place was in itself an adventure, but once I got there and started dancing, I became, for lack of a better word, high!  It’s not just the dancing, which is energetic and infectious, but the music and the whole attitude behind everything.

I’d be lying if I were to deny there are other reasons why this tradition of dance appeals to me so much, but that is, for the most part private. In essence, I feel very attracted to the dances of Africa and the African diaspora dances here in the Americas for reasons I can’t even fully explain to myself.

In any event, it was a wonderful evening filled with lots of moments of powerful joy.

Here’s some video of their performances in SLC for your visual enjoyment…
Aşé Ö!


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