Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest!!!!

Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest

The brand new Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in SLC, Utah (965 East 3370 South,Salt Lake City, 84106) is hosting the first ever Yoga Festival! There will be SOOOO many wonderful teachers and events! I had an opportunity to practice with Alan Siegel, Santosh Maknikar and Rene De Luca at the Om Shanti Yoga Retreat at the Spanish Fork temple last April. They were great and all of the other teachers look awesome as well.

There will also be classes on Ayurveda, Pranayama, Kundalini, Raw Food Cooking, Kirtan, Odissi Classical Dance, and of course, Caru Das will be steering us to the Bhagavad-Gita ;0)

You don’t want to miss this!!!!!


3 Replies to “Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest!!!!”

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    1. I would like to inject a bit of the dswnoide just so folks attending will go with both eyes open do NOT bring your children to this festival. In addition to the wonderful music and yoga, there were also three deaths. I’d stake my next paycheck that, in addition to extreme heat, they were the result of copious amounts of drugs. I’m not just talking a little pot either. I’m talking young people rolling their faces off on Ecstasy and walking around with signs requesting doses’ or shrooms.’ Gone are the days of moderate drug use it’s as much as you can get as often as you can get it and you don’t much care if you don’t make it to the music concerts because you got too high to make the walk down. Though I saw some amazing music, I will be thinking twice about attending next year.

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