Weekend at the Temple ;0)

The time I just spent at the Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple was so wonderful, I had a really hard time coming home. The pic to the left is just outside the temple. I’m a little sun-burned, but yoga blissed out! I only wish my husband had been there. I had so much fun with all the devotees: Caru Das, Vaibavi, Sri Hanuman, Wendy, Gonzo, Jai Krishna Das and everyone else at the temple including Pedro the Macaw and Jai the African Grey parrot and Rama the llama and all the peacocks and the temple cows, Gita and Gauri and Nandi ;0)

Yoga with Alan was very relaxing and it was so cool to me to be practicing in the temple surrounded by images of Krishna and Radha and Yasoda and Srila Prabhupada. Krishna and Yasoda

The hike to the hot springs was beautiful and SO MUCH fun! I loved spending time with the llamas. I got to walk Rama all the way up the mountain. He was so sweet and well-mannered. A gentlemanly llama. Llamas, I would say, are actually much better behaved on trails than a dog or a horse and I know because I’ve been hiking with all three now. We had lunch and got in the hot pools and played in the waterfall and then read the Bhagavad-Gita.

We had Kirtan at night and it was so great to see people who had never heard the Maha Mantra before get up and start singing and dancing ;0)

Then Sunday we cooked Samosas with Meena. Nom! So delicious. I stayed for the Sunday Feast and talked to Chandra and Jai Krishna who I met way back in 1996 in the pre-temple cabin days ;0)

I also got to spend a lot of time with Caru Das and Vaibhavi. I got up very early Saturday morning to hear Kirtan and Caru gave me a lesson on the Srimad-Bhagavatam.

All of the retreatees were very sweet people with sincere hearts and I made some very nice new friends ;0)

I had quite a strange and overwhelming experience on my own in meditation. I’m still trying to process the incredible out of body awareness I seemed to have achieved quite by accident. It was beyond descriptive words. Something about being in the temple, eating prasadam every day and being in the company of spiritual beings made shifting out of my normal state of consciousness very easy. It was so wonderful. I had a really hard time leaving. I felt in many ways, much more “at home” in the temple than I do at my own home. I can’t wait to stay again, sooner I hope rather than later.

Om Shanti Yoga Retreat, 2011

Haribol and Namaste ॐ

Oh, and here’s some of the beautiful peacocks on the grounds….


4 Replies to “Weekend at the Temple ;0)”

  1. Having read this I thought it was realy enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this informative
    article together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it wass still worthwhile!

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