from a Dear Friend ;0)

Sometimes, I get a little lost in the cosmic soup of life, trying to figure out where I’m going with all of the interests that I have. A dear friend, however, told me this:

Cappies (visualize a mountain goat) may spend a long time on the foothills, so long that people don’t think they’ll ever really go anywhere else. For a long time they may move up very slowly, grazing and napping, wandering, studying. Then you look down for a minute and when you look back up for them they’re at the crest of the mountain. They made one jump all of a sudden and huge distance was covered. All of those things you are doing—writing, dancing, visualizing, dreaming, talking, learning, sharing, teaching—is all the prepartory work that will supply the universe with the clarity and the energy to help you find yourself at the top of some mountain. Don’t even consider it being patient or waiting…that is not what you are doing. You are preparing the jump by living your life intentionally. Your work is the day to day process of seeking something you love to expend your energy on.

I have the best, most sage-like mentors, advisors and loved ones ever.
Thank You Friend ;0)

And THANK YOU UNIVERSE for Blessing me with such wonderful people.

Love + Light



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