Workshop with Amy Sigil!

Britta with Amy Sigil of UnmataMy workshop with Amy Sigil was AMAZING. I only regret not having the $$$ to have taken more from her. But, Wow! That’s really all I can say is Wow! Amy is really cool in the sense that she is a tribal fusion rock star and yet she was so nice. She hasn’t let all the attention give her a gynormous ego. Which is NOT to say she doesn’t have a lot of sass however. She cracked me up when we were talking after the whirlwind break down of only one of her moves she used in her dance choreography because she cussed and swore and laughed. It was great.

She said that she ALWAYS gets the work done first and then plays later. Work being the drills, the break-down, the practice, practice, practice. She those who “Do” will be great dancers. You can know all the technique in the world but if you just sit and critique others the whole time, you’re not “Doing” and therefore the person you a mentally ripping to shreds is still a better dancer than you are. Counting is a biggie. She said don’t ever rely on your music to tell you what you should be doing next, because there will always be times when that doesn’t work right.

I loved that she is not afraid to add whatever she needs to to express herself in her dance. She’s not afraid to break rules and bring all of her training together i.e. modern, belly, hula, hip-hop, to connect to the music. She was WAY big into picking music selections, she said, “Dance to what you love no matter what it is, because if you can’t connect to the music, it will show in your dance. There’s always gonna be someone out there who loves what you’re doing and then there’s always gonna be someone who hates what you’re doing, no matter what. So just dance.”

I want to get a T-Shirt made that reads, “Just shut up and dance.”

Anyhoo, here’s one of the videos I shot of her performance:

You can see the rest on my YouTube Channel: Britta’s Adventures in Dance


One Reply to “Workshop with Amy Sigil!”

  1. I love that she is unafraid because I am afraid…what I am about to write could earn me a reputation – as a heretic of sorts – it will be misunderstood by some. I was afraid to express myself for fear of their misunderstanding but now I must go ahead and write what I will.

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