Many Thanks and Blessings

With the exception of a few things, I think last night was an AWESOME success. For the first belly dance show in Ogden in ages, we had a massive turn out and everyone seemed to be having a good time which made me extremely happy.

All of the dancers were great and took minor technical difficulties in stride with good humor. I feel overall, that this was a most excellent adventure.

None of this would have been possible however without the combined efforts of the belly dance community and those who love and support them. Special thanks must go out to the following:

Kitty Screwfoot for being a great master of ceremonies and bringing your witchy energies to the scene. We were so please to have you a part of our show. Blessings.

To Rachel for taking it upon herself to be our last minute DJ. You did a great job. Thanks so much for helping us out in our hour of need and for playing with us and lending us your home to practice. You are a sweetie.

Emilie and Paris. Wow! What would we have done without you? They supplied us with carpets, chairs, a coffin, tables, and Paris took it upon himself to take care of tickets and break-down and clean-up after the show. Thank you both SO MUCH!

Katie Murray Russell who brought the other half of our chairs and was an amazing dancer to boot. She managed to keep a straight face and carry out her solo even with music glitches proving once again that she is a masterful dancer ;0)

Stefanie Harrington and Junior for providing us with killer stage lights. Junior for the lights and Stef for driving all the way up to Park City to procure them and to set them up and still somehow managing to get changed and in costume in time for the show. You are a jack-of-all-trades goddess ;0)

Nathan Chappell (Naz) for rockin’ the house down with your killer drumming skills and to Rasha for showcasing the perfect shimmy!

To all the dancers who came and played with us and graced the audience with your dancing skillz:

Tiger Lily
Troupe Tarab
Midnight Mirage
and Lunar Collective

Everyone keeps telling me how amazed they all were at how great the dancers were. This was afterall one of my main agendas in exposing new people to our art form. Thank you for being such great ambassadors of the dance ;0)

To my teacher, Deja Mitchell. Goddess, Dancer, Mentor. Thank you so much for showing me the way, for being a great friend and light in the Universe and for continuing to be a source of inspiration. Love + Light ;0)

To all of the audience members for braving the storm and supporting our community. And my beloved friends who were a part of that crowd: Leah, Swan, Kristin and John, Jen, Dante, Matt, Ryan, Kathleen and Sean, Bashar, and Marlena. (If I missed anyone else, I swear you are in my memory banks somewhere, stewing).

My grandpa Max and my grandma Betty who btw was a belly dancer when I was still in diapers. My parents, Lisa and Tab, thanks for creating me ;0)

And also to Muzo Gul for taking beautiful photographs and continuing to document the female journey of self-discovery.

To Lena and Josh for lending us their beautiful space and giving our vision a home ;0)

And thanks to Luke for being our honorary male belly dancer at the after-party and for rockin’ the house down.

To my belly dance comrades, the Tiger Lilies: Brooke, Harmony, Candice, and Stefanie. You invited me into your tribe and my world has been vastly improved for your presence in my life. What would I do without you girls? We did it! All those hours of practice and hard work finally paid off. Lilililililililili!!!!!!

And last, to my husband, Adrian for always supporting my girl adventures and having the love, faith and trust in me that has allowed me to become the woman I am today. I love you honey!

Wow! What a great show. Without all of the combined efforts of the community this would have never happened, proving that many all working toward a common good is far more powerful than one person all alone. Together, we can move mountains.

I cherish you all! Thank you for making this happen. Now let’s have another one in the Spring at the

Love + Light,



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