Nature Joys

Yesterday was a wonderful day for spotting critters. I’ve been feeling a need for nature and silence again so I got up early on Sunday morning to go for a walk around Beus Pond (it’s much cooler than my neighborhood this time of year). Aside from all the geese and ducks and herons and cormorants who live there, I also spotted a turtle digging in a mud hole.

I thought it was really weird to see a wild turtle much less one that was not afraid of me as I approached it. Upon closer inspection, I realized she was not digging in the mud, she was laying eggs in it! Wow! What an amazing thing to witness. I sat back on a log away from her to sort of, guard her I guess, I was afraid one of those gruesome river rats might come and eat all her eggs. Once she was finished, she patted them all down with some mud and then shuffled off into the water. It was SO cool.

Later, Swan, Leah and I went to Liberty to try to find this elusive didgeridoo and drum circle but it eluded us. In the process of our search, we saw a deer and then all these elk! I guess a guy up there raises them but it was such a shock to turn the corner and suddenly be confronted with this massive bull elk who had at least six points. His antlers were still in their velvet. He just stood there and stared at us for a few moments before going back to his munch fest. Then we saw all his cows and there was a beautiful spotted calf elk too. So cute!

After more fruitless searching, we just decided to go off and do our own thing. So we spent the evening on a beach, surrounded by grebes and pink waters and the beautiful sunset. It was a day well spent ;0)


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