The Amazing Zoe Jakes

Last night, at the Bayou, I was having a discussion with friends about belly dance and Zoe Jakes came up in the conversation. Basically, I (and my husband) were pointing out what an amazing dancer she is, and how when we saw her last August in SLC, there was absolutely NO comparison between what she was doing and what the other dancers were doing. She’s just fabulous! She’s the very apparent line that separates the professional dancer from the dabblers. In trying to explain it, my husband said watching the other dancers and then watching Zoe was like night and day, not only for her technique, but just her presence was amazing. She carries an energy that fills the room! None of my friends with whom we were having this conversation have ever seen Zoe Jakes (which I find hard to believe, if they are my pals, since I post her shit ALL the time!), but hey, what a great excuse to post more! Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoy these videos of Zoe Jakes:

I must say, that we were not in any way trying to imply the other dancers were not good, it’s just that you can’t even compare the two. It’s like trying to compare a high schooler to a Ph.D. Zoe just has more training and dedication than most of us can afford and the passion to pursue her bliss. If I had a million dollars, I would workshop constantly. Alas, I fit my practice in where I can, but seeing greatness always leaves me in awe and inspires me to practice more and try harder. I’m grateful for people like Zoe Jakes. Happy the Universe still provides us with entities like her, to encourage us to greater heights.

P.S. Zoe is also a Capricorn. Just thought I’d point that out ;0)


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