Feminism and Belly Dance

This is a great article from the Gilded Serpent Magazine on feminism and women’s dance:

Feminism and belly dance have been intertwined in North America since the 1960’s, so many different varieties of feminism have influenced belly dancers over the past 50 years. Meiver points out that goddess theology, physical fitness, spirituality, and “ownership” of childbirth have given a feminist grounding to belly dance at different times in its development, while ATS (American Tribal Style), with its “formulations about diffusing ‘the [male] gaze,’ avoiding glitz, and dancing in groups of women with no leader,” provides another feminist interpretation of belly dance. In addition, she points out its economic influence: “Many women all over the world are doing business (and making good money, and careers) out of selling merchandise, teaching, making costumes, etc., related to belly dance. It’s a women’s industry, to some extent.”

Read the Rest of the Article Here


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