Belly Dancin’ at the Athenian

galsTonight, I am going to attempt my first belly dance in public at the Athenian on 25th street. I’m really excited and nervous, especially because I’m still feeling a little under the weather, but no worries. I’m just going to have fun and dance with Stef, Candice, Harmony, Maegan and Brooke ;0)

This is exactly three years after I signed up for my first belly dance class at Eccles which then led me to Deja and West African which has continued to lead me on this wonderful odyssey of dance in my life. It’s very strange to me that I’ve come full circle in a way.

The Athenian was the first job I took after I left my old life behind for a new one in 2004 and it was there that I found myself again. It was there that I first saw Adrian again, even though we were not in each others’ lives yet. He came in one night for his birthday with his family and I was waiting tables there. I didn’t dare go talk to him but, I remember watching him all night. I don’t think he saw me, but I was shaking the whole time. I thought about trying to reach him but, someone had told me he was married, so I decided not to stir up a hornets’ nest. I would find out two years later that I had been misinformed and decided to contact him again. Now after four years together, I’m glad I did ;0)

It was at the Athenian that I first discovered how cool belly dance is. I remember watching the dancers come in while I was still a server and thinking to myself, “Wow! That is so cool. I want to learn how to do that someday!”

I had a really great birthday this last December at the Athenian too!

And Stef and I used to wait tables together there. That’s how I even got into this group of wonderful gals called the Tiger Lilies. Adrian, Kathleen and I went to the Athenian on New Years (before the wallet fiasco) because Phyllis (the owner) told us there would be belly dancers. And who would have guessed it? There was Stef! And she was like, “You should come dance with us!” She invited me to come practice with her and her group and now, three months later, I’m going to dance with them.

Can hardly wait.

Li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li!


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