My Birthday, 2009

Yesterday was by far, the best birthday I have had in my adult life. I was so happy and grateful when I got home last night, I didn’t want it to end. I want to thank everyone who had a part in making it such a wonderful day and for sharing in a heart-felt feast last night.

The day in recap.

Adrian got up and did all sort of various house chores with no prompting. That in itself was a wonderful gift but then he also gave me something I have been wanting for a long time and will use most assuredly. It made me happy that he was so thoughtful.

A brief trip in to work for a meeting and then I had the rest of the day off. President Ann Millner gave everyone an extra holiday between Christmas and New Years, so I used mine yesterday.

There could have been a slight catastrophe when, after having already mentioned this party to the owner of Two Bit Street, she told me when I called her @ 11:30 am that she could not possibly serve 15 to 20 people and very rudely said I would be better off going somewhere else. I was a little shocked and annoyed but when I recalled the great room upstairs at the Athenian (one of my old restaurant jobs), I called Phyllis (the owner) and asked if we could do it there. “Of course!” was the response and I frantically sent out re-invites with the new location to pretty much everyone I know.

Then, having diverted a possible downer, Adrian and I spent a good four to five hours at Barnes & Noble sipping Chai and White Chocolate Mochas over books. One of the books I brought to the cafe was The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work. While reading one of my favorite Campbell quotes about “follow your bliss,” I started thinking about the past year, all my friends and family and feeling blessed. I was thinking about passion and following your heart. Right now, and that may change as so many of my passions do, dance is my bliss and I felt so grateful to have rediscovered it again with such a great mentor like Deja, and all of my wonderful dance sisters ;0)

After a great day at the book store, we went to the Athenian. Phyllis had set up a beautiful table for all of us, complete with black and red linens and a couple of tables set aside for gifts. Then people started coming.

As far back as I can remember in my adult life, there has always been some sort of disastrous event occurring on my birthday, or I was stuck at work, or moving, or just plain bad luck, or we did stuff but it was never quite what was planned due to the weather or people being broke or just something weird would happen. So when I sent out invites to basically everyone I know, I never imagined almost all of them would show up!

My parents came, their friends Rich and Hallie, my brother Sky and his girlfriend Ashton and her adorable little boy Oakley whom we all want to steal, Swan, Trent and Rod, Yulia, Deja, my grandparents, my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Lindy, Leah and Rebecca, Deja, Kathleen, Dante, and Adrian’s parents and his brother Kevin and sister Julian with her daughter and her husband, Shane. I received so many wonderful presents! I didn’t need anything, I was just thrilled that people came, but I still got lots of fun things. Even a necklace from Cirrus and Colleen in New Mexico!

To top it all off, Phyllis showed up towards the end of our dinner with a HUGE birthday cake! She bought it with her own money and gave everyone coffee on her! I think I started crying a little. I was feeling lotsa love.

It was a great night…and it got even better when I got home ;0)

What a wonderful, wonderful birthday! I am so happy today and all of the people in my life are responsible for it. Thank you all SOOOOOO much! If my birthday was a sign of times to come, I am very much looking forward to my 30s.

Love + Light



4 Replies to “My Birthday, 2009”

  1. Oh your comments work, yay! I was talking to Cirrus about the whole Christmas present thing and because we have so many birthdays around this time we don't really have the money to send Christmas presents to those in our family that send us stuff. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas too much, I feel guilty. We thought it would be a good idea to just pick a day out of the year (other than their birthday) and just send them a surprise, because we thought of you present, instead of a Christmas present. I think this might me a tradition that we start this next year!

  2. Ah hell! Now I'm really bummed I was sick. A huge part of what makes going to these bashes so worthwhile is making the birthday girl/boy happy and seeing that, feeling joy in return. Blech. Sounds like I missed a good one, but the blog almost captured it I think. (should have been a photo blog.. minus the getting "even better when I got home" part.) 😛 I'm RSVPing the next one as of right now. I'm glad it was a good one!

  3. @ Colleen. Tee, hee. I finally figured out how to fix it so my comments would show. Yay! Thanks you for the necklace. Yes, I like things on birthdays better than Xmas anyways. Xmas always just seems so…fake. And then you also feel guilty trying to imagine how much money was just spent on oodles of gifts you don't need. Plus, I'm not even a Christian. The whole holiday just seems like such a sham. What ever faith was in it once has been lost. Making our own special days is cooler. @ Richard. No worries friend. I know you were there in spirit ;0)

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