Spiral Song

“To the Universe belongs the dancer—Amen.”from “Hymn to Jesus,” Acts of John

Barbara Kahn-Spiral Dance


We stand, hand in hand, as a crescent
beneath the skies of time.
Our hearts beat as the rhythm of a drum,
hips move, left to right, as one.
Our feet call back memories of sand and grain
and fire, where our grandmothers sang
the harvest songs, long, long ago.
We hear gulls in the echoes, scent salt
on the air from the sapphire shores of Tunisia.
Our hands are the waves.
Lunar sisterhood. A movement stored in the womb.
Here, we are safe in our undulations and dreamscapes.
Embrace the depth and the power of the feminine.
Our breath is a ritual to the veiled Ones. Ladies
of the Flowery Wreaths. Silkwood bonds,
spiral ties. The pulse of life.
The waters of the ancient river bed return,
in Us

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