Video from WSU Reading

This is my first Blog on Blogger…which is actually an imported Blog from MySpace, but I’m going to try to get away from MySpace blogging since most of my friends are on Blogger now. If you want to read previous posts of mine, go here: MySpace Blog

A few weeks back, I read some of my poems for the WSU Reading Series. Brad (Roghaar) tried to film everyone but being the technologically challenged soul that he is…well, it just didn’t turn out. I guess we can’t all be damn good poets and iPhone wizards too. To be honest those things confuse the Hell out of me too! My Mom filmed some of mine so, I thought I’d upload them and share since there were a handful of people who said they wanted to come but had other engagements, it being the night before Halloween and all.

Here they are:
If you were lying just to make me feel better and you really could care
less about this, well, just ignore it. Some of my poet pals, please
give me feedback?

I’m kind of sad my Mom didn’t film any of the introductions. I gave a little explanation about all of these; who they are dedicated to, why and when I wrote them, but she only got little snippets. She was probably too hungry to concentrate on
anything since my family pretty much bolted for Chili’s after I was done reading. Oh well, at least she caught some of it. I was really glad my family turned up for it though! Even my Dad came ;0)

We REALLY need to get a camcorder. I would have liked to have filmed Adrian’s Award ceremony for the Arts Council. My Mom was going to come, but decided not to at the last minute. I wonder how much a decent camcorder is running these days?


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